Most things in life can be sorted out by direct negotiation, but what happens if you get stuck arguing about an issue or it becomes too difficult to even talk about? That is where Mediation comes in.

What is Mediation?

“Most people come for Mediation when their relationship has broken down and they are struggling to talk to their partner about making arrangements for their children. When a relationship ends there are lots of emotions to deal with and often couples are at different stages so just talking about what happens next can be really difficult. The role of the Relate Mediator is to help get a conversation going about what each person needs and work with them to make the best plans for the future.”

Is mediation just for separating couples?

“Not at all. Mediation is particularly useful when people involved in a dispute need to have some sort of ongoing relationship. Often this will be parents who no longer want to be together but need to make decisions about their children but we also work with other family members, friends, and even neighbours who find themselves unable to resolve a disagreement. The good thing is Mediation allows people to keep control over the outcome rather than handing over that responsibility to someone else like a court Judge.”

What kind of disagreements do you deal with?

“Family mediators regularly help people to work out arrangements for their children as well as disputes over maintenance and division of assets like property, cars etc. We can also help with disagreements over inheritance, property or land.”

Can Mediation help save a marriage or relationship?

“Occasionally, people in mediation get back together. However, most of the time, parties have decided to separate and want to work out how to separate finances and make good arrangements for children. This is difficult if you’re feeling hurt, sad and upset. However, people often say they want to split with some dignity and respect.”

Why should someone go to a mediator instead of going it alone?

“It’s great when people can go it alone. However, when emotions run high talking can be really hard. Mediation can provide a safe space to have the difficult conversations which otherwise can become destructive fights.”

Can they involve their children in Mediation?

“Some mediators are specially trained to involve children. Usually, this means the mediator meeting the child separately and then feeding back the child’s view to the parents in a careful way.”

Do people need to be referred to a mediator by a solicitor or judge?

“No. More and more people are coming to mediation directly before or even instead of going to a lawyer or Court.”

How much does Mediation cost?

As a not-for-profit organisation, Relate Exeter has sought to keep the costs of mediation as low as possible.

An initial 30 minute meeting with a mediator is always free.

It provides a no-obligation opportunity for each participant, individually, to meet with the Mediator and be satisfied that this is the right service for them. It is also an opportunity for the mediator to help identify the issues in dispute.

For more information please contact 0300 7729681

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