Relationships, Mothering Sunday and Still Alice

I hope everyone had a happy Mothering Sunday whether as mother or as a child. Having recently seen the film STILL ALICE – which I highly recommend – it makes for some in depth thoughts about all our various relationship roles and especially that of a mother.

We are all sons and daughters, some are siblings, parents, step-parents, aunts, uncles – the list goes on. The film highlights just how willing or able we are to sacrifice the way we want our lives to be, in order to look after someone we love.
This is especially true today with an ageing population and increasing numbers of people finding themselves as carers. Previous generations lived close to one another, often in the same house. These days we tend to live more independently and with both partners working.
Caring for someone else, can put a strain on the individual, no matter how loving they are, and on their other relationships.
Hats off to all those of us who have a caring role – and don’t forget to spare a little time for caring for yourself.

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