Brilliant interviews on Radio 4 about relationships

Have a listen to these brilliant interviews on Radio 4 – here…

Woman’s Hour, Phone-in: Dealing with a Relationship Crisis

Today, we’re talking about relationship crises – and we want to hear all about your experiences.

When you hit trouble, how did those difficulties manifest themselves: were you arguing more openly or quietly and resentfully avoiding each other?

What was it that made you both realise you had a problem and what did you decide to do about it? If you went to a counsellor or therapist were you honest about the fact you were going with friends or family – or, did you find it too embarrassing to talk about?What helped the two of you to solve your problems? And could you, ultimately, overcome your differences, or did you drift apart?And should couples seek counselling before they hit the inevitable stresses and strains of life together? Or have you found any truth in the old adage that if you go looking for trouble, you will inevitably find it.

Presenter: Jenni Murray
Producer: Ruth Watts.

10.00am  23/04/2015


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