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How The Rugby World Cup Can Help Your Family Relationships

The end of the summer holidays is in sight. Christmas is a long way off. But there’s no need to succumb to the End-of-Summer Blues.

Instead why not get the whole family involved in the Rugby World Cup?

There are thirteen days of FREE ENTRY events at Northernhay Gardens, in Exeter. Starting on Friday, September 18th. Free sporting activities and family entertainments are part of what’s on offer.

Meanwhile Relate Exeter and District have some suggestions for the whole family to be involved – at very little cost.

You could encourage the kids to create their own wall chart with all the teams and matches. Then, simply let them fill it in as the games progress.

You could stroll around Exeter and spot all the different decorations going up, flags, posters, knitted lamp post socks and so on.

Each member of the family could choose a ‘winning team’.

Why not spot and draw the different nations’ strips and flags?

Check out The Exeter FANZONE website and ask each member of the family which activity/event they would like to take part in.

All these suggestions help everyone to be included – especially as some of the games are being held at Sandy Park, home to Exeter Chiefs – the first one on September 29th.

Often, a big televised sporting event can lead to rows within a family. One or more members will be totally immersed while the others are left feeling neglected.

This is a way of helping everyone to be interested.
Even if you’ve no interest in rugby, and can’t tell a ruck from a maul, there are events and activities to involve all family members.

Organising and undertaking family group activities is a great way to keep communication active and strengthen family bonds. These bonds are the things that help you navigate the stressful times.

Relate Exeter and District offer family counselling. For further information go to or phone 0300 7729682

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