Good news for Marines and Royal Navy personnel.

RELATE DEVON is pleased to announce the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is funding us to provide free face to face, telephone and online counselling to current and former Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel.
Royal Navy and Royal Marines families can face unique pressures as they adjust to periods of time apart during deployment. Many people who work away from home find re-entry into family life can be difficult. Similarly the family, who have been left behind, have made new routines for themselves. They have to make allowances and adjustments for the returnee, which they also might find difficult.
Our counselling services offer an opportunity to talk through any tensions and find ways to stay connected as a couple or family during periods of separation. Personnel and their families will be able to access an initial seven sessions with a professionally qualified Relate counsellor. This can be through either face-to-face, telephone or webcam counselling. They can also have seven sessions of sex therapy, family or children and young people’s counselling. All counselling is provided in a private setting in confidence.

For more information please phone 0300 7729681

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