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1.Try to sit down as a family to discuss what you can and cannot do over the Summer.

2. If you and your partner get argumentative, for example getting lost en route to somewhere, remember children benefit from seeing conflict constructively resolved – humour is a great way to dispel car tension.

3. If you have step-children and you are all going away for the first time, it will feel very different for the children. Try and create some new holiday traditions.

4. Talk as a couple before you go away about boundaries for your children – keep a united front if they challenge you.

5. Try to spend some time alone as a couple.

Holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing but they can also be times of stress and discord.

If your family needs some extra support – either over the summer holidays or after the break – talking to one of our counsellors could really help to improve things.

To make an appointment or talk to someone please

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