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The Best Medicine

Why relationships and health? Evidence shows that good quality relationships with partners, family and friends can prevent, delay or minimise the effects of physical and mental health conditions. They can improve wellbeing and potentially reduce pressure on the public purse. Living with physical or mental health conditions can be a long road, and relationships are a really vital part of making the journey better. Yet when we need our relationships most, the effects of having a health condition can pile on the pressure. We hope that arguments about public spending might persuade policy-makers to take action, but for those of us who have been there, it’s those personal experiences that make the need for change hit home. When someone close to me was diagnosed with a serious illness, it had a huge impact right across my family. It has brought me and my partner closer together, but it’s also put us under strain. Friday night trips to the pub are replaced by urgent train rides home, lunch-breaks are often filled with stressed phone calls to update on appointments and future plans are put on hold. It’s been strange putting this campaign together while experiencing the very challenges we are trying to…

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Couple counselling at relate


SPRING IS IN THE AIR, the sap is rising so I thought we’d take a look at affairs. The one element of all affairs, be they emotional attachments, sex flings or long term – they cause huge amounts of upset and pain to all concerned. Couples often arrive at RELATE because one partner has discovered the other has a relationship which they knew nothing about. They might find inappropriate texts on the phone, a receipt for a hotel room or gift which they knew nothing about or they noticed such a change in their partner’s behaviour that, when challenged, it all came out. This is the crisis. People cannot sleep, cannot eat, don’t know who to tell and generally feel consumed with questions, doubt and mis trust. The “guilty” partner sometimes wants to forget the whole thing, or might have doubts about which person they want to be with, feels guilty, silly, ashamed or continues to lie. Often, they try to minimise it “We never touched, it meant nothing, I wasn’t myself” This when the couple begin to realise what is at stake. The relationship might end and neither knows who will end it. Why do people have them? There’s…

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Relationships, Couple counselling

Valentine’s Thoughts

February 14th is the official day of Romance – so what are your plans this year? Feeling under pressure already? Well, whatever you decide to do for your partner on this Valentine’s Day, it’s a sure-fire snapshot of your communication levels. So, you’re thinking of a tangible gift – what would he/she like? Chocolates? ( think New Year diet), Flowers ?( from the local garage and last-minute), Sexy underwear? (and who is that for, exactly?). I could go on. So often what we need from our partner is thoughtfulness and understanding. It isn’t expensive and gift-wrapped. At RELATE we see couples who struggle with communication. Sometimes it is because one partner doesn’t listen or because he or she doesn’t say what they really feel about things. So, back to the key question: do you know what your partner would like on this special occasion? It’s not necessarily the grandiose gesture, all expense and flourish, complete with roses and champagne. Quite simply, it’s something thoughtful; something that we know would make them happy and cared for. Ticket to a football match? That’s saying, “I’ll have the kids that Saturday.” Spa treatment with a friend? Subtext: “I’ll look after the kids while…

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Troubled teen 2

Healthy Relationships

Relate Exeter aims to highlight the barriers people face in getting help for their relationships and social skills. All relationships need a health check, every now and then, and that’s the advice we are giving this winter.

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Peace in home

Family Christmas

We know that Christmas is a time of presents. But for many of us, it is also a time of absence, be it through death, divorce, separation or argument. Let us help you through the minefield of Family Christmas.

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