Separation & Co-Parenting

Counselling for couples or individuals who are dealing with the emotional impact of separation may provide a significant level of support and insight, making the experience a little more manageable.  When children are involved, it can be particularly challenging for parents to find effective and child focused ways of communicating with each other.  Relate can offer a neutral and supportive environment in which parents can explore how they want their future co-parenting relationship to develop, and their children to thrive.


Separation is frequently experienced as an emotionally challenging event – whether you have decided to end a relationship, whether it is a mutual decision, or whether you feel that you have been left.  A separation is a significant loss event in many people’s lives.  Relate offers counselling for both couples and individuals who may seek an opportunity to make sense of their experience, and to try to understand how such an event in their life has come about.  Counselling can offer an individual a significant level of support, particularly in respect of the emotional impact of a separation.

When a separating couple have children, the emotional impact is often experienced at an even greater level – with the additional anxieties of wishing to minimise any disruption to children, and with managing the hopes and fears of what a future co-parenting relationship might look like.  When two people have decided to separate, it can be hugely challenging to find a way of effectively communicating about future arrangements for children.  Relate offers counselling and support to separating parents – helping them to find appropriate and effective ways of communicating with each other.  With a primary focus upon the well-being of the children, counselling can facilitate parents to manage the sometimes difficult conversations which may be needed about the immediate and future parenting needs of their children.

At Relate we also see families, however they are constructed. Sometimes children, and all family members, need a safe, confidential space to talk about how they feel, especially if there are problems with new partners or step – families. Everyone can be heard in a family counselling session. See Here For Family Counselling

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