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Attention is often given to the pressures on young families with all the work and difficulties that bringing up a family entails but we now have caring from the other end of the spectrum. Middle aged to elderly people looking after their even more elderly parents. With so much time spent caring, sometimes it seems almost impossible to think about yourself and your partner.  However, difficult as it is, and occasionally impossible, it is very important to create some space to spend time together and not to talk about the parents and caring. Caring for elderly parents can be stressful and demanding and we often take out our feelings of resentment on our nearest and dearest. Try to be understanding with one another and talk about your feelings. As well as supporting one another you can use other people to help in sharing difficult issues. Do talk to other carers on the Carers UK online forum. What you’re going through is terribly lonely. Getting the support of people who know what it’s really like and have experience helping with this kind of situation can be bigger than the sum of its parts. For expert advice on getting help with caring,…

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‘The Relationship’ – a poem

I heard this poem read recently at a wedding and I thought it perfectly describes a good relationship. It also relates to people who are single who know what it is like to hold up the ceiling alone. It’s entitiled AMARRIAGE but I feel it could be for everyone. A MARRIAGE By Michael Blumenthal You are holding up a ceiling with both arms. It is very heavy, but you must hold it up, or else it will fall down on you. Your arms are tired, terribly tired, and, as the day goes on, it feels as if either your arms or the ceiling will soon collapse. But then, unexpectedly, something wonderful happens: Someone, a man or a woman, walks into the room and holds their arms up to the ceiling beside you. So you finally get to take down your arms. You feel the relief of respite, the blood flowing back to your fingers and arms. And when your partner’s arms tire, you hold up your own to relieve him again. And it can go on like this for many years without the house falling.

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