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New Year Resolutions

It’s this time again when we think about the year ahead. We have packed away the decorations, found we’ve put on weight, and summer is a long way ahead. So, now is the time for New Year Resolutions. The classic mistake that is made about New Year Resolutions is that we ask too much of ourselves all in one go. Changing lifelong habits, such as eating and drinking too much over Christmas, takes time and effort. Change is best managed and lasts longer when it is done by taking small but effective steps. The same can be said about relationship issues. Starting change such as arranging date nights every week, is a great idea but it needs to be sustainable otherwise it compounds a feeling that things are not working. So, if it proves too difficult and expensive to do every week, change it to every 2 or 3 weeks. Sometimes, we can be too demanding and critical of ourselves. If you lose half a pound a week in weight rather than the 2 pounds you promised yourself – congratulate yourself! You have lost weight. When we change behaviour slowly and with thought it can often be more sustainable than…

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Yes, it is that time of year again, it feels as though Summer is over and it’s back to school, back to work, back to WHAT? Few of us are completely happy and contented with everything in our lives, but the important parts are good . For some people having a break, and time to think, can throw a spotlight onto the bits of life that cause them stress, anxiety or makes them downright miserable. If that is the case, NOW is the time to take a look at the issues and decide to do something about them. Post holidays, when we are getting back into our routines, is a good time to re-assess our lives and think about any changes we might want to make. One of the reasons that people most commonly cite for not changing anything is that it feels overwhelming. Change is often more effective and manageable when taken in small steps. Seemingly minor adjustments can have big impacts. Why not join the exercise class, walking group, learn something new, decorate your bedroom, stop spending so much time on social media??? We often make excuses for not implementing change or we blame those nearest and dearest to…

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