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How to have an argument-free Christmas and avoid becoming a January divorce statistic Relate Devon and Cornwall is preparing for a New Year spike in people seeking relationship support after tensions come to a head over Christmas, pushing some local families to breaking point. On average Relate receives a 13% rise in calls and a 58% rise in website users each January. The charity, which offers relationship counselling for couples and individuals as well as family counselling, young people’s counselling, and sex therapy is bracing themselves for a similar peak next month. While they say it’s never too late to seek support, they are urging people in Devon and Cornwall to think about any relationship issues that already exist now – before the pressures of Christmas unnecessarily tip some couples and families into crisis. This comes as new Relate research has found that over half (55%) of UK adults say Christmas places an added strain on relationships. Previous research by the charity has found money worries are the number one strain on relationships, with over a quarter of people (26%) experiencing this pressure. Relate counsellors say that at Christmas, arguments about money tend to be even more common. Nathalie Caulier,…

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      Relate’s guide to avoiding bust – ups over the festive season It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is coming.The  high streets are getting busy with festive shoppers and across Devon people are dusting off the decorations. But for some, Christmas is an extremely stressful and emotional period and a time that families have come to dread. This Christmas, Relate in Devon is asking people across the county to put a ‘Harmonious Christmas’ at the top of their Christmas wish list. And to help, Relate’s counsellors have put together the following tips to help families keep the peace this festive season: For a lot of people this Christmas, money will be tight, so try not to succumb to the pressure and spend more than you can afford.Getting into a mountain of debt is not a good way to start the New Year. Who goes where and when can be a huge issue for parents who have split up and for step families, especially if you are at loggerheads. As hard as it is, try and keep as calm as possible and keep your children’s best interests at heart. Turn the telly off. It’s easy to ‘veg…

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Alcohol Awareness – Teenage Drinking

Alcohol Awareness – Relate Exeter and District issues advice for parents worried about their teenager’s drinking. Most teenagers have begun experimenting with alcohol by their mid-teens but this doesn’t make it any less worrying for parents. With the Christmas party season nearly upon us, the chances of your teen being offered a tipple or two are even higher. But how do you intervene if your teenager’s drinking is becoming a problem without damaging your relationship in the process? Family and relationship experts, Relate Exeter and District, have released top tips on talking to teenagers about underage drinking. Overall the picture is looking more promising than it once was. The number of UK young adults who have binged on alcohol has fallen by more than a third from 29 per cent in 2005 to 18 per cent in 2013*. However, Relate Exeter and District, who work closely with families and offer advice on parenting, still hear from many parents who are worried about their teenager’s drinking. Relate family counsellor, Denise Knowles at Relate said: “Underage drinking can have a huge impact on teenager’s lives. Not only are young people who drink regularly at risk of liver damage but alcohol can also…

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