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My children argue all the time and I can’t cope

Arguments between children can be upsetting for a parent. You may worry about your children’s relationship – especially if the arguments have been going on regularly for a while. You may feel a responsibility to stop the arguing, or may be upset that the arguments are causing disharmony in your family unit. While some level of arguing between children isn’t uncommon – and indeed, might be reasonably expected – what can make a difference is the regularity and intensity of arguments. If your children are constantly at odds, or arguments are becoming really aggressive or even physical, this can create real problems. Understanding why and how children argue When thinking about how to address the situation, the best place to start is to try and understand where the arguments are coming from. Is it about the same thing each time or something different? If it’s something different, are certain dynamics being played out each time – for example, one child feeling that the other always gets favourable treatment, or feeling like they don’t get enough attention? While arguments in children might often be about seemingly trivial things, there is very often an emotional root – something that is upsetting one or…

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