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“Behavioural Couples” Therapy for Depression

Are you in a committed relationship where one of you is depressed,and  the depression is contributing to relationship difficulties? We have a therapist working with a behavioural programme that you may be interested in. You need to be living together and to want to work these issues out as a team. The programme teaches you and your partner a variety of techniques to combat depression and to communicate effectively. For further information e-mail reception.exeter@relate.org.uk Note: Everone who comes to Relate has an initial interview with a qualified counsellor.  

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Visiting Relate Film

RELATE EXETER AND DISTRICT,NORTH DEVON, TAUNTON and WEST SOMERSET have gone into the movie business – launching a film about the process of relationship counselling. Manager Brett Parker says, ” People look on our website for information about our services and then phone for an appointment. We appreciate that this can be daunting for some potential clients because they have no idea what to expect.” “This film shows a step-by-step guide to using our services. We hope it will reduce the anxiety that some couples and individuals might feel before they come for their first appointment.” Shot in Exeter and using Relate personnel, the film shows a couple arguing and feeling that they are growing apart. The couple, helped by a friend, decide to try Relate services to help them to communicate without anger and blame. Brett goes on to say that it was important to the organization that the film was made entirely from the clients’ perspective. “Helping couples with their communication or mis-communication patterns is often the key to our Relate work. Sometimes only an objective person can point out what is happening.” The film, which runs for just six minutes, goes on to show the practicalities of making…

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Depression and couple therapy

 Blue Monday: Relate Taunton and West Somerset says people living with depression may benefit from couple therapy Relate Taunton and West Somerset, along with Relate in Devon, is using this Blue Monday (Monday 18th January), commonly known as the most depressing day of the year, to highlight the potential benefit of Couple Therapy for Depression for those living with depression. This comes as new Government statistics show that Couple Therapy for Depression, which focuses on couple relationships to help treat depression, has significantly higher recovery rates (52 per cent) than the most common talking therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) (44.8 per cent). Relate says that people living with depression and in Taunton should have more choice around the kind of talking therapy they are offered by their GP. The relationships charity is the biggest provider of Couple Therapy for Depression within the UK. Peter Saddington said, “There’s clear evidence for the link between relationships and mental health with people in troubled relationships three times as likely to experience depression as those who aren’t. Couple Therapy for Depression aims to help couples understand how difficulties in their relationship can contribute to depression. “It’s great that this service is making such…

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