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Our children have left home

When the last child leaves home it sometimes feels as if you are waking up next to a stranger rather than your husband, wife or partner. This can be caused by years of concentrating on what the family has needed, leaving little space or time for the two of you as a couple. Empty nest syndrome One of the more vulnerable relationship times is when children leave home either to go to University or permanently move out. This can bring about a mixture of emotions, as it signifies the end of a particular life stage. This phase can sometimes bring about feelings of loss commonly known as empty nest syndrome. Parents experience empty nest syndrome in different ways but feelings of loss or lack of purpose are common and can affect your relationship with your partner. Tips on preparing for children leaving home Preparation: If your children are planning to go to University in a year, or move out to live on their own, then start preparing now. Focus on the positive steps that they are taking in their life. Acknowlegde that you will miss them. Be honest that although it will be a challenge for the whole family at…

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