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How to survive the jump to three children with your relationship in tact

Following the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new baby boy, couples across the country are probably wondering whether three really is the magic number when it comes to children. According to research, mothers of three are among the most stressed*, even more so than mums of four and five children. Local relationship support charity Relate in Devon sees many parents of three who put themselves under too much pressure by not asking for support. Relate counsellor Denise Knowles at Relate sees first-hand the relationship issues this can cause. She said: “Every family is different, but many of the couples I see tell me that the jump from two to three was a big shock.  It can completely change the family dynamic and the sheer amount of work involved can leave you with little time to yourself or as a couple. The trick is to ask for support when you need it; put yourself first occasionally and get really organised. If you do these things, having three children really can be three times the amount of fun.” What to expect when you’re expecting your third, according to Relate People’s reactions may give you doubts. Parents of three children…

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Relate Exeter and District calls on local candidates to support relationships if elected

Relate Exeter and District is calling on candidates in local constituencies to make supporting healthy couple, co-parenting and family relationships a priority if they are elected on 8th June.  The charity is launching the Relationships Alliance 2017 Manifesto  in conjunction with other relationships charities, OnePlusOne, Tavistock Relationships and Marriage Care.  The Manifesto contains seven key policy priorities including investing in free or subsidised relationship support for disadvantaged groups. Relate says that through supporting relationships any future government would help to resolve parental conflict, reduce health demand, and improve children’s performance at school.  The Alliance has based its manifesto priorities on a growing body of evidence demonstrating the value of relationship support services to society and the economy. For example, the Government’s own evaluation found that relationship counselling could save £11.40 for every £1 spent.* Sheila Maycock, Centre Manager at Relate Exeter and District, said: “Poor quality relationships are often at the root of so many of society’s problems including mental health issues, homelessness, debt, loneliness and poor physical health. By ensuring that relationship support is available to everyone who needs it, no matter what their income, we’re confident that local statutory authorities would see vast improvements in local health and…

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New counsellor in Tiverton

Relate in Tiverton is pleased to welcome another counsellor to their service. Kate Partridge works in Exeter and Taunton Relate Centres and is now joining the Tiverton team. Manager Brett Parker says “ We are delighted that Kate is now working in Tiverton. It adds to our expertise in the field of family and young persons therapy” Kate has worked extensively with teenagers and families in many different roles. She is a fully qualified and experienced Relate registered family and relationship therapist. “ I am really looking forward to working in Tiverton, to help those in need of our services to be able to access them locally.” says Kate. To find out more about Relate services in Tiverton – go to www.relate-ed.org.uk, or phone 0300 7729682 to discuss how Relate can help your relationships.

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The Fabric of Family – Counsellor training

 Saturday 12 December 2015 @ Relate Exeter & District Verney House, 115 Sidwell Street, EXETER EX4 6RY From 10am to 4.30pm A RELATE CPD FOR COUNSELLORS A one day (6 hour) course providing participants with an opportunity to explore the intricate threads of influences, communications and beliefs which make up the tapestry of family relationships. With such an awareness the course goes on to develop the skills of participants to create new ways of thinking, talking and working with their clients with an emphasis upon empowering those clients to find their own strengths and solutions.. Cost: £85.00 per attendee. For further details please contact 01392 678499 or finance@exrelate.org.uk

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The Way We Are Now Report 2015

Money worries are a top strain on relationships for people in South West New study reveals detailed picture of UK’s relationships An annual study of more than 6,000 people in the UK has lifted the lid on some of the most personal areas of our lives*, finding that for those living in the South West, money worries are a top strain on relationships for 54% of people.** Published today by charities Relate, Relationships Scotland and Marriage Care, The Way We Are Now 2015 is one of the largest studies of its kind. It provides a window into the nation’s relationships – from couple and family life to sex, friendships and how we feel about our colleagues and bosses. The study suggests that money worries are a critical issue in relationships, particularly for those with children: UK-wide figures show that those with children are far more likely to cite money worries as one of the biggest strains on their relationships (61%) compared to those without (47%). This is backed up by Relate Exeter and District’s work, with family finances frequently discussed in the counselling rooms. The national statistics also paint a picture of families with young children feeling the squeeze. One…

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Rugby world cup in exeter

How The Rugby World Cup Can Help Your Family Relationships

The end of the summer holidays is in sight. Christmas is a long way off. But there’s no need to succumb to the End-of-Summer Blues. Instead why not get the whole family involved in the Rugby World Cup? There are thirteen days of FREE ENTRY events at Northernhay Gardens, in Exeter. Starting on Friday, September 18th. Free sporting activities and family entertainments are part of what’s on offer. Meanwhile Relate Exeter and District have some suggestions for the whole family to be involved – at very little cost. You could encourage the kids to create their own wall chart with all the teams and matches. Then, simply let them fill it in as the games progress. You could stroll around Exeter and spot all the different decorations going up, flags, posters, knitted lamp post socks and so on. Each member of the family could choose a ‘winning team’. Why not spot and draw the different nations’ strips and flags? Check out The Exeter FANZONE website and ask each member of the family which activity/event they would like to take part in. All these suggestions help everyone to be included – especially as some of the games are being held at Sandy…

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