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How to have an argument-free Christmas and avoid becoming a January divorce statistic Relate Devon and Cornwall is preparing for a New Year spike in people seeking relationship support after tensions come to a head over Christmas, pushing some local families to breaking point. On average Relate receives a 13% rise in calls and a 58% rise in website users each January. The charity, which offers relationship counselling for couples and individuals as well as family counselling, young people’s counselling, and sex therapy is bracing themselves for a similar peak next month. While they say it’s never too late to seek support, they are urging people in Devon and Cornwall to think about any relationship issues that already exist now – before the pressures of Christmas unnecessarily tip some couples and families into crisis. This comes as new Relate research has found that over half (55%) of UK adults say Christmas places an added strain on relationships. Previous research by the charity has found money worries are the number one strain on relationships, with over a quarter of people (26%) experiencing this pressure. Relate counsellors say that at Christmas, arguments about money tend to be even more common. Nathalie Caulier,…

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