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Reluctant to have sex with your partner?

Sexual Relationships All couples go through phases when they don’t have the time or energy for regular sex. It feels like one chore too many. If this has become the norm there are several ways you can tackle the problem. Sex, like everything else, has its highs and lows. No-one gets it right all the time. There are different life stages and events throughout our lives which can determine how we feel. Sometimes, very passionate others when nothing is further from your thoughts. Sex is part of a loving relationship, when there is trust, love, openness it can be wonderful. Even in a loving relationship it can be painful, shameful, a chore and something to be avoided at all costs. Sex in a loving committed relationship can be a way of expressing your feelings for one another so why would we want to avoid it? TIME: It is a well known fact that people lead very busy lives these days. After a day at work, childrens activities, babies to sleep, grandparenting duties – the thought of sex is too exhausting. Sometimes, though it’s about watching our favourite TV programme, time on facebook, or on our phones to other people, in…

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