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January can be a tough month on relationships – the festivities are over, the credit card bills are in and many of us start to re-evaluate our lives and make lists of the things we’d like to change. You also can’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without being bombarded with adverts and programmes about self-improvement, encouraging you to revamp everything from your wardrobe to your career. But in all the ‘new year, new you’ frenzy it can be easy to forget to think about all the things we already have in our lives that are positive and make us happy. In the same way if we always look at the problems in our relationships, we can miss the small yet most amazing things about our partners, family and friends. We often take for granted the things that are good and that work and forget to take the time and space to really appreciate what they mean to us. Focus on the good stuff: A great way to refocus on the good things in your life is to try writing a gratitude list. This is a common mindfulness technique but I’ve given it my own Relate-twist by suggesting…

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Feeling a little blue?

It’s known as the post Christmas blues. Empty bank account, weight gain, quarrels with loved ones, back to work, rain, rain and more rain….. You’d be forgiven for feeling a little blue but below are 6 tips for helping you to feel more like yourself. SIX WAYS TO FIGHT THE BLUES TODAY 
1. Look after yourself with a walk or cycle in the fresh air every day 
2. Reach out to friends and don’t hide away indoors
 3. Give to others.  Helping others is the biggest kick of all
4. Enjoy the moment of right NOW. Take deep breaths and look up at the sky
 5. Focus on what you’ve got – not what’s lacking in your life. 6.Write a list of things you enjoy doing, some will be easier to achieve than others – it could be travelling or simply feeding the birds. 

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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week – 11th to 17th of May is Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for this year is MINDFULNESS The Mental Health Foundation describes mindfulness as: “paying attention to the present moment, without getting stuck in past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness can be practiced standing, sitting and walking. It can be practiced both indoors and out; at home, in schools, at work or simply out and about.” Mindfulness is not about ‘zoning out’ of a situation, but being able to manage your reactions to stressful situations. This can be particularly useful to people already managing mental and physical health problems, including stress, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, as well as boosting productivity at work. Mental Health Awareness Week 2015 is campaigning for mindfulness to be practiced and widely available in the workplace as well as in prisons, schools, and hospitals. To promote mindfulness, the Mental Health Foundation has released a series of podcasts to promote wellbeing. Do go to their website for further information. It can really help with anxiety.

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