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How to have an argument-free Christmas and avoid becoming a January divorce statistic Relate Devon and Cornwall is preparing for a New Year spike in people seeking relationship support after tensions come to a head over Christmas, pushing some local families to breaking point. On average Relate receives a 13% rise in calls and a 58% rise in website users each January. The charity, which offers relationship counselling for couples and individuals as well as family counselling, young people’s counselling, and sex therapy is bracing themselves for a similar peak next month. While they say it’s never too late to seek support, they are urging people in Devon and Cornwall to think about any relationship issues that already exist now – before the pressures of Christmas unnecessarily tip some couples and families into crisis. This comes as new Relate research has found that over half (55%) of UK adults say Christmas places an added strain on relationships. Previous research by the charity has found money worries are the number one strain on relationships, with over a quarter of people (26%) experiencing this pressure. Relate counsellors say that at Christmas, arguments about money tend to be even more common. Nathalie Caulier,…

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Enjoy your Summer Holidays

We are advising people to come to Relate now if they feel their relationship is coming under strain BEFORE children break up for the Summer Holidays so everyone can enjoy the holidays together. Says Development Officer Veronica “The summer holidays are not far away – this can often be a tense time for families. Expectations are often unrealistic about how easy and happy the holidays will be. Couples who are both working find they have to juggle their holiday allowance to cope with child care. Family members such as Grandparents, who often help out, might themselves be going away during the summer. This means that couples often get to see less of one another during the holiday period.  Families on low incomes find keeping children entertained and fed throughout the summer holidays can put further strain on the family budget. If all their friends are away on holiday there is more pressure to keep them entertained and busy.”  To find out more information or, to book an appointment, please phone Relate on 03007729681

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Feeling a little blue?

It’s known as the post Christmas blues. Empty bank account, weight gain, quarrels with loved ones, back to work, rain, rain and more rain….. You’d be forgiven for feeling a little blue but below are 6 tips for helping you to feel more like yourself. SIX WAYS TO FIGHT THE BLUES TODAY 
1. Look after yourself with a walk or cycle in the fresh air every day 
2. Reach out to friends and don’t hide away indoors
 3. Give to others.  Helping others is the biggest kick of all
4. Enjoy the moment of right NOW. Take deep breaths and look up at the sky
 5. Focus on what you’ve got – not what’s lacking in your life. 6.Write a list of things you enjoy doing, some will be easier to achieve than others – it could be travelling or simply feeding the birds. 

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