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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Gandhi Thank you to all who volunteer for Charities and Communities. A special thank you to our own volunteers and to all at RELATE who give that little bit extra of their time and goodwill, over and above what is expected of them. We need more of you. Please contact us for more information.

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Under pressure: The relationships of UK parents who have a child with a learning disability

It’s clear that good quality relationships are central to our health and wellbeing. At Relate, we know this directly from our work in the counselling room and online, as well as from the wealth of research evidencing this. Our landmark The Way We Are Now survey of the UK’s relationships, provides an important window into the health of our relationships. Today we’re publishing the latest report from this series of research reports – Under pressure: The relationships of UK parents who have a child with a learning disability. It examines these parents’ relationships with each other, their families, friends, and wider social networks, and compares these with the relationships of parents who do not have a child with a learning disability. Learning disability is often not well-understood, and little previous research has looked at the pressures on parents’ relationships. Relate and Relationships Scotland were therefore pleased to partner with learning disability charity Mencap to produce this report. Sadly, it doesn’t make for easy reading. Our data shows that parents who have a child with a learning disability often experience unnecessary strains on their relationships. These strains are over and above the pressures which any relationship may come under, this can result in…

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Thank you Okehampton United Charities

RELATE in Okehampton is very grateful to  Okehampton United Charities for awarding them money towards the cost of their services. Manager Brett Parker says “This enables us to offer a local service to local people, and to help fund those who cannot afford to pay the full cost for counselling.”Relate Counsellor Veronica Beckett with Chair and Secretary of Okehampton United Charities at the Ockment Centre.   Anyone wishing to speak to a counsellor phone: 0300 7729681

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Relate Exeter on Radio Devon

Holly Carter on Radio Devon

Relate Exeter’s counsellor – Holly Carter spoke to Radio Devon’s Bill Buckley about separation and co-parenting issues. Click on the link below to listen to the show. Holly’s piece starts at 01.46. Holly talks to Bill about separation and co-parenting  Counselling for couples or individuals who are dealing with the emotional impact of separation may provide a significant level of support and insight, making the experience a little more manageable. When children are involved, it can be particularly challenging for parents to find effective and child focused ways of communicating with each other. Relate can offer a neutral and supportive environment in which parents can explore how they want their future co-parenting relationship to develop, and their children to thrive.

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Passionate relationship may be wrong

Passionate affair with Mr Wrong

Tracey Cox explains in the Daily Mail why a wild passionate relationship could mean you are dating Mr Wrong. What we perceive as passion could just be excessive arguing. Some people cling on until the bitter end when things have been a struggle for years; others are out the door after a silly row over nothing serious. But in almost all instances, the signs the relationship isn’t right are there right from the start. Relate is highlighted in the article as an organisation offering support if people want to leave unhappy relationships: Read more here: Passion may signal the end.  (Daily Mail online)

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Lonely christmas

Many expect to spend Christmas alone, BBC poll suggests

BBC Breakfast discussed loneliness and a survey carried out for 5 Live. Loneliness isn’t just something that affects older people. As in our own survey it was found many 18-24 year olds also feel lonely with 30% as likely to feel lonely as those over 65 (31%) 28% of adults say that they feel lonely at least some of the time. 33% say they feel left behind by new ways of communicating and 85% prefer speaking to friends and family face to face. More here from the BBC

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