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Relate September peak in calls

Relate is anticipating a peak in calls this September from couples whose relationships have reached crisis point over the summer. Last year, there was a 10% increase in the area compared to the average month and they are expecting a similar surge this year. Relate counsellors are urging anyone experiencing relationship issues to seek support before heading to the divorce lawyers, who are also inundated at this time of year.  The most common reason people come to Relate is because of poor communication and this is something counselling can really help with.  According to the latest data, 91% of Relate’s relationship counselling clients said that their communication was “a bit better” or “much better” after attending relationship counselling and 84% felt able to cope with any difficulties they might face in the future. Relate counsellor Dee Holmes, said: “If you’re already having problems in your relationship then the pressure of juggling work, keeping the kids entertained and spending concentrated time with your partner over the summer can tip things over the edge. Tempers can get frayed and by the time schools re-open, some relationships are in a pretty bad state.”  Relate’s research has found there are 1 in 5 people…

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January can be a tough month on relationships – the festivities are over, the credit card bills are in and many of us start to re-evaluate our lives and make lists of the things we’d like to change. You also can’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without being bombarded with adverts and programmes about self-improvement, encouraging you to revamp everything from your wardrobe to your career. But in all the ‘new year, new you’ frenzy it can be easy to forget to think about all the things we already have in our lives that are positive and make us happy. In the same way if we always look at the problems in our relationships, we can miss the small yet most amazing things about our partners, family and friends. We often take for granted the things that are good and that work and forget to take the time and space to really appreciate what they mean to us. Focus on the good stuff: A great way to refocus on the good things in your life is to try writing a gratitude list. This is a common mindfulness technique but I’ve given it my own Relate-twist by suggesting…

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Relate Exeter and District calls on local candidates to support relationships if elected

Relate Exeter and District is calling on candidates in local constituencies to make supporting healthy couple, co-parenting and family relationships a priority if they are elected on 8th June.  The charity is launching the Relationships Alliance 2017 Manifesto  in conjunction with other relationships charities, OnePlusOne, Tavistock Relationships and Marriage Care.  The Manifesto contains seven key policy priorities including investing in free or subsidised relationship support for disadvantaged groups. Relate says that through supporting relationships any future government would help to resolve parental conflict, reduce health demand, and improve children’s performance at school.  The Alliance has based its manifesto priorities on a growing body of evidence demonstrating the value of relationship support services to society and the economy. For example, the Government’s own evaluation found that relationship counselling could save £11.40 for every £1 spent.* Sheila Maycock, Centre Manager at Relate Exeter and District, said: “Poor quality relationships are often at the root of so many of society’s problems including mental health issues, homelessness, debt, loneliness and poor physical health. By ensuring that relationship support is available to everyone who needs it, no matter what their income, we’re confident that local statutory authorities would see vast improvements in local health and…

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Under pressure: The relationships of UK parents who have a child with a learning disability

It’s clear that good quality relationships are central to our health and wellbeing. At Relate, we know this directly from our work in the counselling room and online, as well as from the wealth of research evidencing this. Our landmark The Way We Are Now survey of the UK’s relationships, provides an important window into the health of our relationships. Today we’re publishing the latest report from this series of research reports – Under pressure: The relationships of UK parents who have a child with a learning disability. It examines these parents’ relationships with each other, their families, friends, and wider social networks, and compares these with the relationships of parents who do not have a child with a learning disability. Learning disability is often not well-understood, and little previous research has looked at the pressures on parents’ relationships. Relate and Relationships Scotland were therefore pleased to partner with learning disability charity Mencap to produce this report. Sadly, it doesn’t make for easy reading. Our data shows that parents who have a child with a learning disability often experience unnecessary strains on their relationships. These strains are over and above the pressures which any relationship may come under, this can result in…

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Christmas Tree – the RELATE way

We have our glorious Christmas tree in Roman Walk, Exeter, courtesy of Princesshay Centre. We invite you to write comments on our “baubles” about your relationships. Many people have already done so! Christmas can be a very stressful time, we all need to remember what is really important to us. Happy Christmas.

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The Way We Are Now Report 2015

Money worries are a top strain on relationships for people in South West New study reveals detailed picture of UK’s relationships An annual study of more than 6,000 people in the UK has lifted the lid on some of the most personal areas of our lives*, finding that for those living in the South West, money worries are a top strain on relationships for 54% of people.** Published today by charities Relate, Relationships Scotland and Marriage Care, The Way We Are Now 2015 is one of the largest studies of its kind. It provides a window into the nation’s relationships – from couple and family life to sex, friendships and how we feel about our colleagues and bosses. The study suggests that money worries are a critical issue in relationships, particularly for those with children: UK-wide figures show that those with children are far more likely to cite money worries as one of the biggest strains on their relationships (61%) compared to those without (47%). This is backed up by Relate Exeter and District’s work, with family finances frequently discussed in the counselling rooms. The national statistics also paint a picture of families with young children feeling the squeeze. One…

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Brilliant interviews on Radio 4 about relationships

Have a listen to these brilliant interviews on Radio 4 – here… Woman’s Hour, Phone-in: Dealing with a Relationship Crisis Today, we’re talking about relationship crises – and we want to hear all about your experiences. When you hit trouble, how did those difficulties manifest themselves: were you arguing more openly or quietly and resentfully avoiding each other? What was it that made you both realise you had a problem and what did you decide to do about it? If you went to a counsellor or therapist were you honest about the fact you were going with friends or family – or, did you find it too embarrassing to talk about?What helped the two of you to solve your problems? And could you, ultimately, overcome your differences, or did you drift apart?And should couples seek counselling before they hit the inevitable stresses and strains of life together? Or have you found any truth in the old adage that if you go looking for trouble, you will inevitably find it. Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Ruth Watts. 10.00am  23/04/2015  

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