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Young People’s Counselling – Thanks to Tesco Customers

We have been fortunate to receive a funding boost from Tesco customers in Exeter for our specialist counsellors to offer counselling to Young people. This a self referral service.Children and Young People are facing multiple choices every day and are assaulted by messages from social media and the web. Young People’s counsellors report that the most frequent issues they encounter in the counselling room are – family breakup, step parenting and siblings, bullying,social media pressures, exams, school phobia and truancy. This is a golden opportunity to access our service for Young People as we have some funding to help with our costs. The blue community token scheme in Tesco has been a great help for us to offer our service more widely. We are currently one of the charities to chose in- store in Exmouth so – please help us to provide even more counselling for Y.P. by supporting us in Tesco store in Exmouth until the end of August. If you are a Young Person or know of someone who could benefit from counselling, please contact us on 03007729681 or reception.exeter@relate.org.

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We are pleased to announce a bursary scheme for current and former Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel. The new funding is to provide face-to-face, telephone and online counselling for relationship issues. Individuals or couples can access support by contacting 0300 7729682 Says Relate counsellor Veronica Beckett ”Issues can arise when partners work away from family, and subsequent problems put a strain on family relationships. She goes on, “Anxiety can start before the actual parting as the deployment date looms. If a family member is ill, about to have a baby, or to get married, the leaving partner is left feeling uninvolved.” “The partner left at home will have to cope alone with problems concerning the children, ageing parents, and general family wear and tear. Support from friends and family brings a closeness that might be resented when the leaver returns home.” Social media and the internet can help couples keep in touch, but facebook , instagram or texts can easily be misinterpreted. Distance communication is not always helpful, the boundaries of being there and not being there can become blurred. Because body language is so important, and since there is an immediacy of response, face-to -face time is always…

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