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Relate September peak in calls

Relate is anticipating a peak in calls this September from couples whose relationships have reached crisis point over the summer. Last year, there was a 10% increase in the area compared to the average month and they are expecting a similar surge this year. Relate counsellors are urging anyone experiencing relationship issues to seek support before heading to the divorce lawyers, who are also inundated at this time of year.  The most common reason people come to Relate is because of poor communication and this is something counselling can really help with.  According to the latest data, 91% of Relate’s relationship counselling clients said that their communication was “a bit better” or “much better” after attending relationship counselling and 84% felt able to cope with any difficulties they might face in the future. Relate counsellor Dee Holmes, said: “If you’re already having problems in your relationship then the pressure of juggling work, keeping the kids entertained and spending concentrated time with your partner over the summer can tip things over the edge. Tempers can get frayed and by the time schools re-open, some relationships are in a pretty bad state.”  Relate’s research has found there are 1 in 5 people…

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