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Unemployed youth emotions

Unemployed young people falling apart emotionally

Unemployment is damaging the emotional well-being of young people, research released today has found. One in three Neets (young people “not in education, employment, or training”) between the ages of 16 and 25 regularly “fall apart” emotionally, a study by youth charity the Prince’s Trust showed. More than a third of the 2,265 people polled said they often feel anxious about everyday situations and avoided meeting new people; the figure rose to 56 per cent for Neets. Almost half of those who were unemployed said they feel down or depressed often or always. And the younger generation is at risk of becoming cut off from society, with more than one in ten feeling anxious to leave their house. Moreover, those who are unemployed are twice as likely to feel this way, while 43 per cent of Neets said they often feel isolated. Prince’s Trust have a lot of support available but a good first step might be to contact Relate and talk to one of their highly experienced counsellors. More here from The Independent

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