Ruth, Alex and Kimberley

Ruth came to see Relate with her son Alex 11, and her daughter Kimberley 7. Her son had been fighting at school and as a result had been excluded.

Ruth, Alex & Kimberley – Relate family counselling clients.

Ruth told the counsellor that she had left her partner and had moved into her Mum’s house but that her Mum had criticized this decision and felt it was a bad move.

Ruth and her kids came for three sessions where it emerged that her Mum was undermining the rules he had put in place for bed times. She would come home and Kimberley was very upset and having nightmares. Everybody in the family found this exhausting and upsetting but Ruth found it difficult to address the issue with her parents who were doing her a favour by giving the family a place to stay.

The family counsellor Dave helped Ruth to learn a better way of communicating with her mother about bedtimes. He also helped Mum and son to talk more openly about what was happening, what was going to happen and explain to him how his father fitted into the picture.

As a result of Relate family counselling Alex has calmed down at school and Ruth feels much more confident about the future.


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